Three Topics any Business Can Use to Make a Video


You fix cars, unclog drains, or sell investments for a living – you don’t see how a video applies to your field and you can’t think of a topic to get started on. Well luckily for all of us you do your job extremely well, so we can do ours. There isn’t a single profession that can’t be turned into a visual and compelling story. Not one.  Here is a short list of three topics you can use to springboard your company’s video concept from:

  • What are three recent wins your company has had, and who did they assist?
  • Look for clients who are willing to give you a quick soundbite for your video on-camera (avoid the use of the word “testimonial” if you can – it can sometimes put people off)
  • The team member responsible for the success story can explain how it was pulled off, with questions emphasizing where they went above and beyond to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Video footage to support the content from both of these interviews can be gathered and/or purchased as stock.
  • What are the top three things your company wants to accomplish in the next 6 months?
  • Here you want to discuss your vision for the future and how it will better serve clients – acknowledging a timeline of where your company has come from where appropriate.
  • Interviewing team members about their various roles in the forward direction of the company is always great, it shows inclusiveness and genuine excitement.
  • A typographic or animated segment delivering some facts and numbers about the company’s growth in a fun, dynamic way will tie it all together.

Consider: Who is prepared to speak on your company’s behalf on camera? and what perspective do they bring to the table? (hint, it doesn’t always have to be the President)

Is there something unique and personal your company does that you can share with your social media following? Or do you put on any corporate events throughout the year?

  • Examples include: company retreats, team building and sporting events
  • Showing your followers and fans a more casual side builds likeability and makes your team more approachable – and your company as a whole seems more friendly.
  • By contrast a corporate event or luncheon can be leveraged to produce educational bites that teach your audience something about your industry. Have an event with speakers? Interview them after for short soundbites you can turn into a quick video hit for your fans that didn’t attend the event.
  • A sizzle reel will speak to the look and feel of an event and show those who missed out what they weren’t able to get in on… so they can pencil it into their calendars next time.