Spring into Social

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to take stock of your social media accounts and prime them for the next season of engaging content.

To start off here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the quality of my content represent the integrity of my brand?
  • Am I posting consistently enough to see growth?
  • Am I optimizing all of the various content options available to tell the story of my brand to the right people?

As content creators and social media managers we know how hard it can be to stay consistent, and high-level with your content strategy.  Heck, we even find it hard to keep our own channels full sometimes! It’s why the majority of our clients come to us – they want to focus on their business, and leave the content to the pros.  However, there are some things you can do on your own to up your game and take your socials to where they need to be to see growth, and sales.

Are you a…

Service-based business:

If you offer a service to your clients, let’s say bookkeeping services or consulting, you don’t have a physical product to photograph but you can tell a story and show your audience what problems you solve.  Does the content on your current social media feed tell that story?  If not, start planning now so that you can get those channels to where they need to be this summer.  

Content ideas here include:  

A series of testimonial graphics (bonus points if you can convince satisfied customers to let you take a pic) with one or two lines from them about the problem you solved, and why they would come back.  Easy, and effective.

Video (either graphical or live motion) tackling one aspect of your job and explaining how it applies to your prospective audience.  Maybe tax season is coming up, and there’s something new your existing and new clients should know… educate them and bring them closer by keeping them up to date in an easy, efficient way.

Product-based business:

For businesses with a physical product it can be a little easier to make a splash on social, because you have some subjects to photograph and create content around.  Beauty brands do very well here, with very little difficulty because colorful, clean, and consistent images do very well across all social media platforms – most predictably, Instagram.

But even if you sell auto parts, there are ways to plan out your upcoming season and capitalize on some time spent thinking about what you want to say visually and how best you can say it.  Maybe you want to drive your viewers to think about summer maintenance on their vehicles, gather up all of the products that relate to safe, summer driving and make a photo campaign that features them – bonus marks if you can include a local, trusted source of extra views to be a part of it (micro-influencers are a really great way to amplify a message!)

If you have the ability, take an afternoon or a day and plan out some amazing shots and video – and don’t forget vertical video for your IG stories and IGTV.  If you don’t have the in-house abilities hire an agency to do these shoots for you quarterly, monthly, weekly, etc. and keep those content channels full and working hard for you.  

Bottom Line:

The days of snapping a pic of whatever was available and trying to make it a thing on social media are over – brands of all sizes have taken their game to the next level consistently and the results show… growing audience numbers, better engagements, and actual new customers in the door.

Because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about – growing your business.

Ready to get serious about social?   

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