Retail and Video – Emerging Opportunities for Engagement

By now the video screen has become ubiquitous – and the opportunities to engage viewers with owned digital media have never been greater. Everywhere from banks to major retailers we are seeing new and interesting uses of both long and short format content. Winners in this space include both Tim Hortons and RBC, both of whom have invested in their channels with regular, well-produced content. They both understand their audience, and are taking advantage of the medium-to-high dwell nature of their guests to get their messages out with appropriate content. RBC presents “financial updates” in a news format while you sit in their waiting area, and Tim Hortons offers up community updates along with beautiful visual promos of their menu items.Switching gears to the online space, Home Depot is also a natural fit for video content and they are making great use of it in their website with a library of videos detailing everything from lawn care to insulation. DIY content is a natural fit for video and their well-produced content simplifies projects, while promoting product in an organic, seamless way.

For an injection of cuteness check out the Toys R Us video series on their YouTube channel called Toys Unboxing Toys. Simple, sweet, and instantly attractive to its younger demographic, these videos take back some of the market share currently owned by user-generated channels featuring unboxings and reviews of new toys.

We predict even more in-store content offerings going forward, with the opportunities to include mobile engagement growing with every advance in mobile technology. Retail and in-store video are a natural fit – for many reasons: keeping customers in-store longer, answering FAQ’s to free up staff for other tasks, and suggesting new product and increasing the average transaction cost.

Building a portfolio of content that is well produced and relevant to your customers is always going to build dividends – especially considering that it can be used both in-store and online across all channels. Just ask Canadian Tire – our current pick for the leader in this space. From their twitter feed, to their in-store signage, this brand understands the power of media content.  We shot a video for their Tested page – check it out here.

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