Digital Signage: How In-Store Content Can Benefit Your Brand

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In these visual times, one doesn’t have to look far to see digital signage in action – in retail stores, at event venues, and even your local coffee shop. When properly deployed and managed, digital signage represents an opportunity to do many things at once:

  • Entertain guests, and engage them while they stay with you
  • Make time pass in a more pleasant way (in the case of a waiting room for example)
  • Educate clients on trends and information about your industry
  • Upsell customers with visual advertising of products they may not have considered
  • Cross-promote with industry partners
  • Use your platform as an advertising space, and charge advertisers to run their visuals on your display screens (where applicable).

While tapping into this exciting visual realm may seem as simple as setting up a screen and a slideshow, we would caution that the first thing to consider is always strategy. What are you trying to accomplish with your digital signage? To inspire purchases? To educate clients and establish yourself as an authority? To drive followers to your social media channels?

Deciding on priorities early on, and using these as a guide during your content creation process will save both time and money. A good agency will help you maximize efficiency during this process, and save your marketing dollars during the content creation phase.

Digital Signage Checklist:


This answer is simple; your brand and your customers. We’re digital content enthusiasts and believe it’s a great way for brands to build up their personality in the eyes of their Clients. By researching your target market and finding out what makes them tick, your digital content can be tailored to attract and engage with your ideal customer base.


Compelling content of course! Screens give brands the opportunity to diversify their content and engage their audience with eye-catching, informative media. Content can be tailored to be informational, promotional, or entertaining – at Incite we are believers that the viewer should gain something – either information, or inspiration from your content – and that it should also acquaint them with your brand in an entertaining way.


Digital signage can be used to promote your upcoming events or sales, to spread the word about your brand and services, or simply to keep your company top of mind for your target audience. More or less, there isn’t a bad time to use this medium, it’s just important to ensure that you have a goal to measure the success rate against so you aren’t wasting your money.


Keeping the purpose of the advertisement in mind can help determine the placement. In-store applications include at the checkout – so that wait time can be used for strategic placement of messaging and promotions, in the windows – to attract passersby and create interest, and at strategic points throughout the store to promote a new product or service. Small screens can act as informational supplements for categories that need a lot of research, such as baby travel systems or fitness items.


As with all of your marketing media efforts, your digital signage should have a purpose. Once you’re able to determine what your end goal is as a brand, then your agency can get to work crafting a strategy, and executing it to deliver on your goals in a measurable way.

Digital signage is a great opportunity to repurpose your social media photography and video one more time – so consider it as part of your marketing strategy. For more information on how to get signage in place for your brand, contact us directly at